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Eu Sou Feio

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I'm addicted to this song! I don't know how to explain it, but it makes me feel such vibes right now, you hear? I think it's because the dance and lyrics are very authentic and don't follow the usual commercial style... And how can you not identify with such a hymn that talks about embracing self-esteem while being ugly?
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galhofa time! too brave! The beats are heavy, the lyrics are face of reality and I can't stop dancing. MC Saci, MC NAHARA and DJ TAK VADIÃO rocked this one too much. It will definitely be the sound of summer!
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completely engaging! I love the way MC Saci and MC NAHARA rhyme so fluidly. Also, DJ TAK VADIÃO knows how to create the perfect dance to boil any party. I've listened to this track a million times and I never get to water on it. It will definitely hit my playlist
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the lyrics of Eu Sou Feio are very sad, they talk about the discrimination and prejudice that ugly people suffer. The dance is strong and the voice of the MCs matches well
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geeente, an animation bomb! Eu Sou Feio is one of those that makes you drag your couch and fall in the step. With the verses of MC Saci and MC NAHARA and beats of DJ TAK VADIÃO, there's no one to stand still. There's a lot of vibe and joy in this song, which is why I love it!
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the dance is engaging, but the lyrics leave something to be desired. I expected more from MC Saci and MC Nahara. Maybe the next release will be better
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