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think of a sound that starts dancing! too sinister, bro. The beat is heavy and the lyrics are super realistic, like someone who has never had a poorly resolved passion, right?! And the way Luka sings is a delight to listen to. It's the kind of music you play to the fullest at home and you have a little party just me
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I'm freaking out at the Batida of this Moonbath! And don't even talk to me in the lyrics, my mood is very much. The vibration that this song passes is contagious, making me dance horrors! Luka G is too much, I'm just waiting for more productions like this one
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mTG MOON BATHROOM is an irresistible vibe! The dance makes me shake my skeleton instantly. The lyrics are simple, but very striking and Luka G,TR's voice is amazing! It's impossible not to feel excited when you listen. A song that will surely bomb at parties!
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Man, I was so distracted listening to Moonbath that I almost got knocked out of football. Can't miss the summer playlist!
@ℰ𝓁𝒶𝒾𝓃ℯ𝒞ℒ𝒮𝓉𝓈's avatar
these touches end up addicting and the body, as much as it wants, does not stop kkkkk
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I can't remember what this song is like because it didn't leave a very strong impression on me. It's one of those tracks that go unnoticed on the playlist
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music takes me to sunny days at the beach with friends. It's one of those songs that everyone knows and sings along with, bringing a feeling of good energy. The dance is immersive and the chorus stays in your head for days. Really nostalgic and hard to hear music
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heck, a rock! The contagious dance and the voice of Luka G,TR make everyone want to dance until dawn. I loved the lyrics, which talk about feeling free and confident even with the opinions of others. That moon bath was right, congratulations! 💃🎶👏
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