Tune in Together

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Tú no eres mi amor, tú eres mi vida

Dame tu atención, solo una vez más

¿Es la solución o es el final?

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Yasmin de Araújo's avatar
Yasmin de Araújo
The lyrics of this song are so touching that they make you feel a deep connection to every word! It's like the singer is singing your own story!
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Bento Betini's avatar
Bento Betini
The melody of this song is like an explosion of energy that makes you feel alive and full of vitality. Its fast pace and inspiring lyrics drive you to get up and move forward, leaving behind any obstacle that gets in your way #BackToTheFuture.
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María Pilar Tapia's avatar
María Pilar Tapia
The singer's voice in this song is like a balm to the soul! It has such a warm and comforting tone that it makes you feel at home! #BackToTheFuture
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Eduardo Barroso's avatar
Eduardo Barroso
This song is the best antidote against boredom.
Bryan Araújo's avatar
Bryan Araújo
The melody of this song is like a torrent of emotions that surrounds you and takes you on a magical journey. Its catchy rhythm and catchy lyrics make you want to sing and dance non-stop,ing your spirit and letting yourself be carried away by music!
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Fernando Hernández's avatar
Fernando Hernández
I love how it makes me feel that I am invincible, it is inspiring!
Maria soledad Leal's avatar
Maria soledad Leal
The melody of this song is so addictive that you can't stop humming it all day long! It's like a mantra that accompanies you wherever you go.
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Ana Júlia de Abreu's avatar
Ana Júlia de Abreu
the rhythm is so catchy that it always puts me in a good mood.
Cristian Camacho's avatar
Cristian Camacho
The rhythm of this piece is like a dance with the wind.
Ana Laura De Almeyda's avatar
Ana Laura De Almeyda
I've listened to it a thousand times and I can't stop humming it.
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