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this song Leave Us by DJ FRAGA is too much mass! The dance is engaging and the positive vibes it conveys are incredible. Not to mention the lyrics of the song, which are full of love and good energy. She makes me want to dance until the sun rises
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let Nos by DJ FRAGA is too top notch! The vibe of the music is sensational, the dance nice to hear and the lyrics are very engaging. This song gives a feeling of freedom, which makes us want to dance until we get tired. It's a perfect sound to animate a little role with the crowd, whether at a party or on the beach.
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mad vibe this song! DJ FRAGA did very well with this dance which is just stuck. The lyrics are out of this world, you can't stand still with this melody. The vibe she brings is inexplicable and makes me want to dance more! It was worth giving this song a chance
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Patricia Quixabeira
I want the letter
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let Nos by DJ FRAGA always reminds me of summer parties with friends. That feeling of freedom and joy! I love the contagious dance of music and lyrics that lead us to a state of euphoria. It's just amazing!
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DJ FRAGA's song Leave Us didn't win me over. I didn't feel anything special about it and I couldn't connect with dance
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this song by DJ FRAGA is too addictive! The dance is engaging and I can't stop dancing when I play on the reel. Leave Us is my favorite, with that drop that chills to the soul. It's amazing how the guy manages to mix different elements and create a unique and infectious sound.
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I was listening to Leave Us by DJ FRAGA and it made me want to dance. I ended up causing an accident in the middle of the room, the whole family laughed!
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