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Troquei Minha 160

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this song is on fire, bro! Heavy beat, lyrics that speak the real way and still bring an irate atmosphere. I can't stand still with Troquei Minha 160. The guys did a great job on this one, making us feel in that vibe. This is one of those that deserves a replay after it's over.
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guys, I heard Troquei Minha 160 and I have to say, what an immersive sound! The lyrics stuck to the head, and the beat is contagious. I loved the participation of the three artists, who managed to complement each other very well in the music. Unfortunately, the song will become a hit. Nick Lp, Paulo Pires and ÉaBest! 💥🎶
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unbelievable! The dance is contagious and the vocals complement perfectly. The lyrics, then, are a slap in the face of society. These guys send soooo well! I listen on repeat and I've even lost count of how many times I've heard, I highly recommend it to everyone.
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Rodrigo insta( tubarão8582
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