Tune in Together

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¿Qué tal si no hablamos de eso

Y en el proceso te robo un beso?

Tranquila, baby, no soy tan intenso

Bueno, eso pienso

Si me traías bien loco

Pero como hombre tengo mis antojos

Quizá no fue la culpa de nosotros

O tampoco de otros

Hoy ando soltero

Pero por ti me desespero

Y quiero llamarte y ya no puedo

O más bien ya no quiero

Hay muchas que me quieren, quieren

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Hoy Ando Soltero

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Benjamín Fuentes's avatar
Benjamín Fuentes
His voice is so emotional that it makes you feel every word in the deepest part of your being. Each sentence is with a sincerity and intensity that move you and reach your heart, creating an emotional connection that transcends words.
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Paul Dominguez
The instrumentation of this song is like a wave of sounds that surrounds you and takes you on a magical journey, it is a unique sensory experience!
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Leonardo Badaró's avatar
Leonardo Badaró
The singer's voice is so emotional that it makes you feel every word as if it were your own story! It is an interpretation full of nuances and emotion #HoyAndoSoltero
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Ana Laura De Almeyda's avatar
Ana Laura De Almeyda
With this song, each is like a note of hope that fills you with optimism and makes you believe in yourself. It's like a musical hug that comforts you and makes you feel good #HoyAndoSoltero.
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Álvaro Mendez's avatar
Álvaro Mendez
The melody is so captivating that it transports you to a fantasy world where problems disappear and only music exists.
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Diego Juarez
This song is like a breath of fresh air in the midst of chaos, you understand? It gives you peace and quiet in such a crazy world!
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