Tune in Together

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Vou ficar a noite em claro sem pegar no sono

Meditando sobre o que de fato aconteceu

Eu até pensei que fosse terminar na cama

Como era de costume entre você e eu

Eu fiz de tudo

Mas era tarde

Foi o que eu podia dar

Você não entendeu

Eu quis ir fundo

E você com medo

Tira onda

Pois agora quem não quer sou eu


Quem não quer sou eu (Maldita de ex me ligando de madrugada)

Quem não quer sou eu, pois é (Maldita de ex me ligando de madrugada)

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a lyric that agents will be able to sing in front of children, without that usual appeal.... congratulations dance great.
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people! This song by DJ Topo is bapho! The dance is super engaging and it's impossible not to dance. The lyrics are super fun too, and I already get caught singing the songs all day long. MTG WHO DOESN'T WANT I AM I'm already my favorite! 🎶💃😎
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this song is simply contagious! I loved DJ Topo's lively and engaging dance . Without a doubt, it's one of the best classical music tracks I've heard in recent times. The mix of tanned sounds with his unique touch made the music even more interesting.
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Everson junior
The Brotherhood stays like
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walleson silva
Top too 😁
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My god, DJ Topo knows how to make a seductive and infectious sound! The song 'MTG Quem No Quer Sou Eu' is what I need to release my energy and dance like no one else is watching me. The immersive lyrics and addictive rhythm make you feel like the coolest person in town
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Lucca Andrade
This song is absolutely my vibe. The melody is so upbeat and the lyrics are so optimistic. The instrumentation is brilliant, it's perfect for lifting the spirits at any time!
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Susana Montoya
This song is a hymn of self-improvement and inner strength. Its inspiring message and energetic rhythm fill you with motivation and determination to face any challenge.
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caraca, a pure vibe shot! I can't stop moving when he plays MTG QUEM NÃO QUER SOU ME by DJ Topo. This dance is insane, combined with the super real lyrics, it just makes me want to enjoy and sing along. It's the kind of sound you hear with friends, at a dance or at a party, just turn the volume upside down.
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Melissa da Conceicao
Listening to this song, I return to those moments of loss and grief. Music has a unique way to connect with our deepest emotions and this melody does it perfectly. #mtgquemnãoquersoueu
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Danilo Oliveira
From the time this dance 😎😎
bro really fuck music
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José yuri oliveira da Silva
loved this song even more for my bus videos
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Bruno Augusto5395
sensational!!!!!! pqp is out of this world!!!!! it's almost a bore.
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Marcia Cilene
it's too much.
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they are
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i love this song mn
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very toppp
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