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Tá de namoradinho novo

Tá dando um gelinho em mim

Mas eu nem vou te procurar

Oh boa sorte com esse cara aí

Se terminou, tá terminado, a gente não precisa brigar

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Me Liga, Me Chama (Ao Vivo)

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_julianaSilva_S's avatar
a lot of vibes! The beats are insane and you don't even have to understand all the lyrics to feel the groove. It's like that sound that you put on and you can't stand still. And this good energy that she brings has no explanation, just by feeling it. Surely go to my playlist roll right away!
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AlexLima_94's avatar
Folks, I just loved this song by Barões da Pisadinha! It's impossible to stand still when it starts playing. Her footprint is super contagious and makes us want to dance until we fall! I love this mix of forró and dance , the guys are too wild!
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Gabriel_Alves's avatar
The Barons of Pisadinha is amazing! The dance is contagious, there's no way to stand still! The lyrics are also super fun and easy to sing along with. It makes me want to be at a June party dancing until the sun comes down!
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Gustavo_Cruz12's avatar
too brave! The Pisadinha dos Barões da Pisadinha is synonymous with quality and this one is not far behind. The lyrics are an invitation to dance and feel the positive energy that the music emanates. There's no way to listen and stand still. It's a stick for every work!
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bruno_silva's avatar
I loved this song! Barões Da Pisadinha broke up in this Ao Vivo! The dance is super engaging and dancing, impossible to stand still. The lyrics are also very fun and lively, matching perfectly with the rhythm. I will definitely put this song on my party playlist!
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