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Quando eu vivia na cola do seu amor

Você não deu valor

Não deu valor

Agora não adianta chorar

Atrás do leite que cê derramou

Me viu surtou

Os cabelo batendo na bunda

E bunda batendo no chão

No chão ficou a sua cara

Vendo minha superação

Cê me tirou da palma da sua mão e jogou no mundão


Tô no modo revoada junto com as amigas maluca

Cê quer voltar

Tira o cavalinho da chuva

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Ex Love

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RenanPereira_54's avatar
this song Ex Love by Paula Guilherme and Bella Angel is just addictive! The lyrics are super realistic and the dance is contagious, I can't stop listening. The way they convey the story of a broken love is so touching, reminding me of some situations in my love life.
kendallrahnenfueh's avatar
I fell in love with this song as soon as the first dance hit my ears! The voice of these two artists is simply amazing and the lyrics of the song are so personal and emotional. I loved the way they mixed references in this song. It's so cool to see artists growing up like that
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Marina.Oliveira.MO's avatar
out of the ordinary! There's no way to stand still with dance and lyrics that talk about love and overcoming. It will definitely make it to the top of the charts!
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Amanda_Costa's avatar
I think the song Ex Love by Paula Guilherme and Bella Angel didn't win me over much, it kind of went unnoticed. Something is missing that makes her captivating
Mariana_Alves_7's avatar
brings me a huge resemblance! I remember good times and bad, but they are all part of my story. I like the melody and the way the singers' voices fit together. Great job!
kaskusersirgio's avatar
I was listening to Ex Love and I remembered my crazy ex. She disappeared with my and I found it on the clothesline next door. Kkkk
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