Tune in Together

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Un, dos, tres por ti

Un, dos, tres por mí

Por todos mis compañeros floreciendo en este suelo

Un, dos, tres por ti

Un dos, tres por mí

Por todos mis valedores formando un jardín de flores

Un, dos, tres por ti

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La Bas(e)

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Alejandra Angeles
With this song, each note is like a brushstroke of happiness that colors your world. Its brilliant instrumentation and inspiring lyrics make you feel on top of the world #LaBas.
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Maria Valentina de Gouvea's avatar
Maria Valentina de Gouvea
The instrumentation of this song is so impressive that it leaves you speechless. Each note is masterfully executed and makes you appreciate the true beauty of the music.
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Dulce María Lujan
This song is like a whisper to the wind that caresses your soul, right? It comforts you in difficult times and gives you the strength to move forward.
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Emma Galindo
This song is like a burst of energy that drives you to dance non-stop, it's impossible to resist its contagious rhythm!
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Rael Bitencourt
The melody is so and optimistic that it fills you with happiness and good humor. It is perfect for any moment of the day.
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