Tune in Together

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Hoy se encuentra tras las rejas

Al que le canto el corrido

Es de un rancho de durango

Un hombre muy decidido

La plaza de zacatecas

Se la asignó su padrino

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El Azteca de Durango

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Lívia Cosme's avatar
Lívia Cosme
The arrangements in this song are a true work of art. Every detail is carefully crafted to create a unique and immersive listening experience that takes your breath away.
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Jose luis Flores's avatar
Jose luis Flores
never disappoints! Each new album is a masterpiece that demonstrates their talent and versatility. They are able to themselves over and over again, surprising us with their limitless creativity. ✨
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Yan Boldrini's avatar
Yan Boldrini
is a musical treasure and I feel fortunate to have found it!
Eduardo Barroso's avatar
Eduardo Barroso
Seductive rhythm, enveloping melody
Eduardo Guerrero's avatar
Eduardo Guerrero
beat that catches you instantly
Emanuel Barcelos's avatar
Emanuel Barcelos
unique groove voice enveloping seductive!
Roberto Herrera's avatar
Roberto Herrera
What a great feeling this song has, it's like music to my ears!
Bella de Ayrosa's avatar
Bella de Ayrosa
enveloping melody unique and vibrant energy
Salvador Cervantes's avatar
Salvador Cervantes
It's like a gift from the universe!
Ricardo Martínez's avatar
Ricardo Martínez
The rhythm is a delight!
Mathias Blanco's avatar
Mathias Blanco
captivating voice over an Argentine beat
Lucas Amaral's avatar
Lucas Amaral
Enveloping energy contagious rhythm!
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