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Cero sentimientos porque a fuego lento

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Matheus Alvarenga
The structure of this song is a genius, with its changes of rhythm and harmonies. It is like a musical puzzle, where each part fits perfectly to create a listening experience that engages
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Marc Delgado
This song is an explosion of energy, with its contagious rhythm that makes you move your body non-stop. Besides, the lyrics reach your heart and who can't connect with #0sentimientos?
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Cristian Chavez
The melody of this song is like a soft whisper to the soul, calming the inner storms and bringing peace to the heart.
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Jose Maria Ortiz
It's my comforting song
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Olga Davila
An experience that brings with it inner peace
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Jacqueline Ortiz
a song a
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Leonardo Sanchéz
I always come back to her
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María Isabel Gallegos
this song is my refuge
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Josefa Duran
a melody that awakens my passion
Sebastián Sánchez's avatar
Sebastián Sánchez
elevates my spirit with every measure
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Elisa Coelho
The letter is a mantra
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Pietra de Morais
The melody of this song is so captivating that it grabs you from the first measure, it makes you feel like you are floating in the air.
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