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A lua quando brilha, falo de amor

No gingado desse xote sinto o teu calor

A noite acordado sonho com você, iê, iê, ê

O som ligado, fico perturbado, sem ter o que fazer

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Colo de Menina

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Mn, I'm addicted to this song! I've even lost count of how many times I've heard today... The rhythm beats so fast that I can't stand still! The lyrics are super real and make me think about my love experiences. And João Gomes? This man can really sing! I'm in love with his voice
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man, this song Colo de Menina gives me the creeps! I think Traia Véia and João Gomes are geniuses of country music. The lyrics are very beautiful and the melody has a really nice rhythm. Without a doubt, this is one of my favorites of the moment. Willing to listen all day!
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people, what a great song this Colo de Menina is! Traia Véia and João Gomes rocked this partnership, I simply loved the rhythm and the lyrics are passionate! I can't stop listening. This will probably be the soundtrack to my summer. ❤️🎶
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then yes rhythms true indicated at the moment are João
Milaine Monteyro Dorico 𓃗🪶⚙️'s avatar
Milaine Monteyro Dorico 𓃗🪶⚙️
In love with this bandaa❤️🤠🪶
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think of a forró that is delicious! Colo de Menina is one of those that we listen to and already feel like dancing clinging to your loved one, you know? The melody is engaging and romantic lyrics embrace the soul. I never get tired of listening! to Traia Véia and João Gomes for this masterpiece
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