Tune in Together

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Sin ofenderte

No me pertenece' a mí, ma, tú ere' de la calle

No sabe' que e' una noche sin lujo' de detalle

Cuando le da fuego a los Phillie' hasta que se apaguen, bebé

Aquí hay mucha gente

Pero pa' qué disimular si to' el mundo ya sabe

Psicóloga porque le gusta jugar con mi mente

Devórame rico que cuando la noche se acabe, bebé

Sigue tu camino

Ya tú cambiaste y yo no soy el mismo

Siempre recuerdo lo que un día fuimo'

Sé en quién estás pensando, a que adivino, bebé

Sigue tu camino

Ya tú cambiaste y yo no soy el mismo

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Allana de Assis's avatar
Allana de Assis
I didn't know this song, but now I can't stop listening to it. The melody is so immersive and the lyrics are so authentic. The instrumentation is, it's one of those songs that make you lose track of time.
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Margarita Parra's avatar
Margarita Parra
The production in this song uses different filters and effects to create a rawer, punker sound.
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Rene Leal's avatar
Rene Leal
I really like how this song mixes different genres and styles to create something completely new and impressive.
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Chloe de Miranda's avatar
Chloe de Miranda
What a good rolita, it puts me in a party mood!
Alba Garza's avatar
Alba Garza
this song is pure vibe, it takes me to happy moments.
Maite Cipriano's avatar
Maite Cipriano
What a good song, it reminds me of when I was young.
Maria Clara da Silva's avatar
Maria Clara da Silva
reminds me of my adolescence, it is slower and more melancholic.
Maria Valentina de Gouvea's avatar
Maria Valentina de Gouvea
What good memories this song brings back! It's a marvel
Maria Cecília de Jesus's avatar
Maria Cecília de Jesus
The music is very good, it sounds great.
Mariana de Gois's avatar
Mariana de Gois
I really like the way it sounds, it reminds me of happy moments with friends.
Alicia Barrios's avatar
Alicia Barrios
enveloping rhythm you can't resist!
Eduardo Barroso's avatar
Eduardo Barroso
She has such deep and reflective handwriting that she always manages to touch my heart! She is simply beautiful
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Lorena Costa Braga's avatar
Lorena Costa Braga
I love how different styles are mixed in this song, it makes me feel happy.
Pietra de Morais's avatar
Pietra de Morais
It relaxes me to hear this song!
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