Tune in Together

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Isso não é um musica, é um poema

Poema de que

De p**a

Novinha esperta, sei que não se apega

Pode vim que eu também sou desapegado

Nois é pouca conversa, mas gente sempre se acerta

Porque o nosso ploc ploc é demorado

Hoje vai ser roupa no chão

Eu e você além do colchão

Veio cheia de t**o

Que eu tô pique cachorrão ua ua

Te pego de 4 é só regaço no quarto

Você gritando bem alto ai c**o

Me deixa excitado

Com esse teu rebolado

E o teu gemido safado

Ai c**o

Te pego de 4

É só regaço no quarto

Você gritando bem alto

Ai c**o

Me deixa excitado

Com esse teu rebolado

E o teu gemido safado

Ai c**o, aí clica, aí clica

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can't wait to make a vibe with this song! It's like it brought an energy I've never felt before. The rhythm is amazing and the lyrics? oh so true. definitely special
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man, Calica is too much! The beats are engaging and Felipe Amorim's voice is incredible. I've done it several times and the lyrics are also very realistic. I really identified with the song stories. on your work and success!
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heck, bro! What an amazing sound from Felipe Amorim's Calica! The dance is so immersive that it makes me want to dance until I get tired. And the lyrics? Very poetic, man. They transport me to another universe. I love listening to this album when I'm directing and singing at full volume. There's no way not to like it.
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calica brings me a feeling of for times that never come back. Reminds me of happy moments when I listened to music with friends and family. I love the soft melody and the pleasant voice. It's a composition that always moves me
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mermão, I was enjoying Calica by Felipe Amorim and my father thought I was doing macumba. just laughing 🤣🤣🤣
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I think Calica is a very common song and it doesn't call me much attention. The melody is ok, but nothing that I find striking or different from others I've heard
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man, this song Calica by Felipe Amorim is a vibe! The rhythm is super nice, impossible to stand still. The lyrics are also very nice, they talk about the simple things in life. And do you know that feeling that music goes through? I feel relaxed, wanting to go dancing around. It was too worth discovering this
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heck, what a delicious sound to hear! Calica's voice is incredible and the lyrics have a super positive vibe, it's impossible not to feel good listening to her songs. I really liked the dancing levada of the songs and the arrangements that mix reggae, pop and MPB. I've already put all of Calica's tracks in my playl
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