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Quando eu fecho os olhos imagino a gente lá no paraíso

Com você do meu lado provando daquele fruto proibido

Eu tô preso

Já tem um tempo acorrentado

Nesse sentimento

Brigando comigo mesmo mas perdendo pro meu próprio argumento

Tento esquecer ai ai ai ai

Mas não dá minha mente me força a lembrar

E com a porrada de fogo que a gente tem

Nem jogando um oceano apaga


Vem chegando de mansinho

Tu jogando por cima de mim

Só tem hora pra começar


Vai gemendo gostosin

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AnaClaraRodrigues.98's avatar
man, I'm here addicted to this song Paraíso by Felipe Amorim! That good energy it transmits makes me want to dance crazy. Felipe's voice is so soft and the lyrics are so meaningful, they make me excited. Without a doubt, one of the best songs I've ever heard, I'm a fan!
VanessaRocha's avatar
man, what a wonderful sound by Felipe Amorim! Listening to Paraíso, it is inevitable not to feel like you are inside a good vibe, with lyrics and surrounding melody. I've been addicted to music and I never get tired of listening. I was positively surprised by this release, I will definitely look for more of the work
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JotaQuestFanclub's avatar
man, a roll! The beats make me crazy the way I like it, but what really gets me are the lyrics. Felipe Amorim knows exactly how to capture emotions and how to pour into a song. I just can't stand by listening to this track. It's a total vibe
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Bruna_Rodrigues_r's avatar
it didn't captivate me a lot, I found the melody a bit and the lyrics didn't move me. I will not put on repeat
CaioCastroCantor's avatar
Dude, this album is sensational! Felipe Amorim rocked the quality of the music! The lyrics are too top, it even makes you want to dance to all the songs! Do you know that sound that makes you feel good and transports you to another world? I think that's exactly what Paradise does to me. It's like a dream...
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Daniel_Mendes's avatar
reminds me of summer days at the beach, where I spent hours listening to the waves of the sea. The soft tone and lyrics take me to a place of and longing. It's a song that makes me miss the past and makes me appreciate the present moment.
julia_rodrigues.jrr's avatar
man, listening to Paradise, I remembered the time I danced just as crazy at the ballad and it wasn't until later that I realized I was alone on the dance floor. Greetings from these monkeys!
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