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Pergunta Boba / Pode Chorar / Chora Me Liga (Live)

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luana_rodrigues's avatar
pure! The voice of André and Otávio is magnificent and the rhythm of the guitar is contagious. The lyrics are simple but full of feeling, impossible not to identify yourself at least a little bit. My heart thickens when I listen to Boba / Pode Chorar / Chora Me Liga (Live)
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euamoAnavitoria's avatar
my heart is already beating stronger as soon as I hear the first notes of Boba / Pode Chorar / Chora Me Liga. This song is one of those that mess with us, you know? The lyrics are super well drawn and the mix of rhythms is incredible. There's no way not to sing along and get excited.
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GuilhermeMachado's avatar
, this live version of Boba / Pode Chorar / Chora Me Liga tá mucho! André's voice and Otávio combine very well together, and the energy of the audience only makes the music even better. I got sick from start to finish! I will definitely listen more often
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ottoreding's avatar
man, this song reminds me of the day I cried so much because of a boy I don't even remember the name. But po, André and Otávio rocked!
AnaPaulaSantana's avatar
I didn't like this song a lot, it's kind of forgettable to me. I don't know, the melody didn't bother me and the lyrics didn't take off either. But everyone has their own taste, right?
Gabriela_Machado's avatar
reminds me of my teenage years and family parties. I love the lyrics and the melody, always making me sing and dance along
XandaoFuracao's avatar
man, absurd! I'm here singing and dancing like crazy! This dance is too much, and the lyrics are very realistic! I'm excited about Boba, but Can Cry and Cry Call Me also so sensational! There is a song to sing at every barbecue!
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