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Não Vou Falar Nada (Vibezinha do Ferinha)'s poster image

(Não vou falar nada, mas haverá sinais, vida, uh)

Depois que apagou as nossas fotos

No seu feed só tem pulseirinha colorida e copo

Altas legendas de volta por cima

Que 'tá bem melhor sozinha, mas me atingir é o foco

Quem pouco posta, pouco chora, muito esquece

É isso que 'cê vai saber de mim em breve

Quando eu te esquecer, não vai ser igual você

Que me superou só pelas redes sociais

Não vou falar nada, mas haverá sinais

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Não Vou Falar Nada (Vibezinha do Ferinha)

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man, this song is a bang! The chorus sticks to the mind and doesn't come out anymore. The mix of funk and pagoda leaves a super dancing rhythm. Not to mention the lyrics, which are just addictive. There's no way to stand still listening to this, it makes you want to roll to the ground. Nadson and Leo Santana hit it right on the spot.
victor.lima's avatar
man, something out of this world! Leo Santana's footprint with Nadson O Ferinha is sensational, animal! The lyrics keep sticking to your head and the rhythm is that thing you can't stand still, you know? It's just giving the play that my body already starts to move by itself! What a wonderful hit, did you see it?
jeffersfriedrich's avatar
No Vou Falar Nada is an infectious song that made me dance from start to finish! Ferinha's vibe with the participation of Leo Santana is incredible! The simple and engaging lyrics, combined with the lively melody, make this song perfect to liven up any party or ballad. Nadson The Ferinha got it right
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meunomeehvini's avatar
reminds me of happy moments with my friends, at parties and meetings. The chorus is very engaging and there's no way to stand still! The voice duet was amazing and the vibe is contagious. It's a song that will definitely be on my playlist!
lonniessims's avatar
I was singing I won't say anything in the studio and my mother thought there was a pagoda rolling over my head, kkkk!
gustavo_rodrigues's avatar
This song only has the power to teleport me to the dance floor! The beat is too heavy and impossible to ignore. And let's be honest, who has never felt like the lyrics of the song: 'I won't say anything, but my body wants to'?! That sound is pure good vibe, my body won't stop moving! 🔥🕺
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, what a sensational combo! Nadson O Ferinha and Leo Santana did very well in this vibe. The rhythm is contagious and I can't stop dancing! The lyrics also have an incredible footprint and I'm already addicted to this song. I'm going to share with friends everyone to get into this same vibe
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Sara Santos
oooh boua music🔥🥰🥰❤️
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I didn't like No Vou Falar Nada by Nadson O Ferinha and Leo Santana very much. I found the lyrics weak and the dance not very original. It didn't get my attention
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this song is just amazing! The dance is addictive and makes me want to dance all the time. The lyrics are super fun and make me feel the positive energy of summer. I'm a fan of Leo Santana and this partnership with Nadson was amazing!
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