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No tengo, en realidad, mucho que hablar

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Jose Maria Ortiz
The lyrics of this song are like a reminder that life is full of possibilities. Every time I listen to it, it inspires me to pursue my dreams with determination #deellas.
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Andrea Soto
This song has a rhythm that grabs you from the first second, it's impossible to resist moving your feet!
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Hugo Alvarado
The lyrics of this song are like a whisper of hope in the middle of the storm. Every word is like a reminder that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.
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Vitor Bruneli
This music is pure good vibes
Santiago Salazar's avatar
Santiago Salazar
has me completely bewitched
Arthur Gabriel Corrêa's avatar
Arthur Gabriel Corrêa
so many sensations
Jorge Enriquez's avatar
Jorge Enriquez
is a gift
Antonio Hernandez's avatar
Antonio Hernandez
bewitched with the rock
Tomás Castro's avatar
Tomás Castro
what an authentic flow this melody has!
Manuel Pérez's avatar
Manuel Pérez
the wave of is pure magic
Enzo Gabriel Barbosa da Silva's avatar
Enzo Gabriel Barbosa da Silva
This beat is a true work of genius
Matheus Alvarenga's avatar
Matheus Alvarenga
The energy is at a thousand, it is an atomic bomb.
Bento Betini's avatar
Bento Betini
is like a whisper to the heart
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João Lucas Bassani
The voice in this song is so touching that it touches your soul. It's like a whisper that wraps you in its sweetness and makes you feel protected #FromEllas.
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