Tune in Together

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Dona Da Beleza

Escuta essa canção aqui ó

Assim ó

E tão gata, nesse teu corpo tão cheio de curva

Na primeira eu derrapava

Minha vaqueira perfeita que nesse mundão tanto eu procurava

Além de princesa ela gosta de vaquejada

E vem viver comigo

Tão gata

Se joga mais eu todo fim de semana

Bora derrubar boi na faixa

Você é o troféu mais brilhante que na minha estante faltava

Deus escolheu para ser para sempre minha deusa

Minha boiadeira, dona da beleza

De 99 por cento desse planeta

És minha riqueza, ai ai

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Dona da Beleza

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jaqueline_mendonca_'s avatar
too much! The lyrics are super romantic and the dance is too engaging! I cut too much the way Fabinho Testado and João Gomes combine their voices. When I listen to this song, I feel super relaxed! It is definitely one of my favorites
NandoSonhador's avatar
This song just won me over! The engaging dance , the romantic lyrics... It's impossible not to surrender to the talent of these artists. Fabinho Testado and João Gomes rocked once again! I'm addicted to this song and I've already put it on my favorites playlist. on the amazing music!
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mylesishak's avatar
Speechless, like 'the face' of summer! The vibe she has is inexplicable, I can't stop dancing. I had to share this with everyone, these guys know how to make a sound that moves us. Bora give play again and enjoy that sound!
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Gabriela_Rodrigues's avatar
bro, I was listening to Dona da Beleza in the last volume and my mother came into the room screaming that she thought there was a party going on here 🤣🎉
RafaelSilva_modao's avatar
the music is melodious but leaves little impact. I couldn't connect with the lyrics or melody. It looks more like the same
ThierryMenezes's avatar
I spent all night listening to Dona da Beleza (Live) by Fabinho Testado and João Gomes! I love the lively and fun dance of the music. Their voices are so harmonious together, it's perfect! I feel like I'm at a party, dancing with friends. The lyrics are also amazing
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Victor_Ferreira's avatar
reminds me of college days, after a day of classes, coming home with friends and listening to lots of songs together. I love the lyrics of the song and the voice. It's one of my favorites!
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