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Hello mister pleased to meet you

I wanna hold her

I wanna kiss her yeah

She smell of daisies

She smell of daisies oh

She drives me crazy

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Big Jet Plane (Acoustic)

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this Zeeba sound is making me travel! His voice is too soft and the guitar notes are super relaxing. I'm really enjoying this acoustic version of Big Jet Plane, which is a song I already like a lot. This more relaxed footprint is too much!
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I get excited every time I listen to this acoustic version of Zeeba's Big Jet Plane. His voice is amazing and his guitar created an even more immersive atmosphere. It's one of those songs that you listen to and travel elsewhere. Simply passionate!
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ball show! The vibe she brings is inexplicable, you know? There's no way to stand still, the melody is too immersive. What about the lyrics? It talks about moving on and venturing, something everyone needs to do in life. It's a mixture of joy and sadness at the same time, I'm loving it too much.
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Clau Rocha💞
beautiful music friend @mariadocarmosouza83 thank you my dear, I really liked it,dance top❤️😍🥰
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Zeeba 🌟 is amazing✨ I had the pleasure of going to an Alok 🌟e Show when Zeeba showed up by surprise I love this guy 😍
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This version was top notch ❤️
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