Tune in Together

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Ella cada vez que me piensa

Comienza a hablar conmigo

La busco en el carro

Le gusta que yo prenda

Quemando to' el camino

Sabe que e' mi nena

Que con ella me la vivo (So?)

Y se lo lleva a la boca, y pa' que sienta la nota

Inhala humo, aguanta el humo

Humo, respira humo, humo


Y se lo lleva a la boca, y pa' que sienta la nota

Inhala humo, aguanta el humo

Humo, respira humo, humo (Sí)

Como la última ve'

Que borramos cinta, de su' beso' embriagué

En adrenalina hasta la noción perder

Ella es un problema y no se puеde querer

Pеro tiene algo que envuelve también

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João Pedro Azevedo's avatar
João Pedro Azevedo
This song has me hooked, I can't stop humming it. The melody is immersive and the lyrics are very genuine. The music in general is impressive, it takes you to another world.
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Manuel Pérez's avatar
Manuel Pérez
I stumbled upon this song by pure chance and now I can't get it out of my head. The music is so catchy and the lyrics so real.
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Juan Antonio Medina's avatar
Juan Antonio Medina
Listening to this melody, I feel again the emotion of that night under the stars.
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Fernando Islas's avatar
Fernando Islas
always reminds me of those rainy days when we used to stay home, watching movies and talking about anything #smoke.
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Enrique Vargas's avatar
Enrique Vargas
It makes me want to dance and sing all day long. Unbelievable!
Théo Alves's avatar
Théo Alves
It's a classic that always makes me sing and dance.
Erick Brito's avatar
Erick Brito
What a good rolita for the peda! The music is very lively and the lyrics are very lightened.
Juan Ignacio Mejía's avatar
Juan Ignacio Mejía
I love how he describes the princess as a strong and powerful woman. This song is pure fire!
Jose Martinez's avatar
Jose Martinez
It's sticky to say enough, I can't get it out of my head!
Javier Rodriguez's avatar
Javier Rodriguez
It is a perfect song to dance and sing with friends. Long live Los Caligaris!
Henrique Ambrozim's avatar
Henrique Ambrozim
It is impossible not to move with this song
Guillermo Silva's avatar
Guillermo Silva
I don't know how to explain it, but it's like a breath of fresh air.
Benjamín Fuentes's avatar
Benjamín Fuentes
I love his powerful voice and passionate lyrics. It's a song worth listening to!
Jessica1898MM97's avatar
#@Rodrigo Da Silva Souza
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