Tune in Together

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Dime qué te paso, ¿por qué te noto fría?

Tus besos ya no saben a lo que sabían

Sigues durmiendo en mi cama, pero la siento vacía

Dime qué te pasó, ya no eres el de antes

Parece que esto para ti no es importante

Hay cosas en la vida tan obvias que no hace falta ni decir

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(Entre Paréntesis)

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Ana Arellano's avatar
Ana Arellano
The voice in this song is so emotional and mysterious that it makes me feel like I'm in a cloud of tears.
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Laís de Chaves's avatar
Laís de Chaves
This song has such a catchy melody that it's impossible not to hum it all day long. Plus, the lyrics have such an inspiring message that they fill you with energy and positivity. It's perfect to start the day off on the right foot and face any challenge with a smile.
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Laura Figueroa's avatar
Laura Figueroa
The lyrics in this song always make me reflect on how relationships can be complicated but beautiful at the same time.
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Claudia Jaimes's avatar
Claudia Jaimes
What a cool song, it brings back good memories:)
Elisa Coelho's avatar
Elisa Coelho
This song is like an auditory hug!
Fernando Moreno's avatar
Fernando Moreno
It's a song that always brings a smile to my face, no matter what day I've had. It's a real musical gem.
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Maria Teresa Zamora's avatar
Maria Teresa Zamora
What a great flow this song has.
Nicole de Barros's avatar
Nicole de Barros
A song that makes you feel alive!
Elena Montes's avatar
Elena Montes
what good memories, that song brings back. 🎶 I love its rhythm and the lyrics are very nice.
Maria Luisa Sosa's avatar
Maria Luisa Sosa
the lyrics of this song are touching!
Emilly De Biasi's avatar
Emilly De Biasi
makes me feel the good times
Mercedes Esquivel's avatar
Mercedes Esquivel
It takes me back to my high school days.
Maria Alice Correia's avatar
Maria Alice Correia
I love this song, it makes me feel nostalgic.
Maria Fernanda de Godoy's avatar
Maria Fernanda de Godoy
I still love this song
Arthur Gabriel Corrêa's avatar
Arthur Gabriel Corrêa
It has lyrics so poetic that it always manages to touch my heart! It is a song that invites you to reflect on love and life.
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