Tune in Together

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Veigh, baby, uh, ah, ah

Ser solteira tá na moda, por isso ela não quer se apaixonar

Nem vou mandar mensagem

Pode desgrudar do celular

Se eu te contar com quem eu tô andando

É quase certeza que cê vai brecar

Só moleque sinistro

Viciado na arte de gastar

Garota, cê quer f**r, cê toma

Quem era puro não tá aqui

Na hora parece que incorpora

Se contorce, não para de sorrir

Vai, gatona, mente pra mim, que aqui tá só a gente

Você rebola tanto, se pá seu quadril tá carente

V**a, reflete comigo, seja inteligente

Minha cama é igual king size

Enquanto uma senta, a outra não sente

Vai, gatona, mente pra mim, que aqui tá só a gente

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Olá, Moça

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crazy, makes me feel in another world. the dance is amazing and you can't stand still. the lyrics seem to have been written for me, I fall in love every time I listen. definitely go to my music playlist to relax
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man, amazing! there's a dance that makes everyone dance and the lyrics are so touching, you know? it talks about love and loss, but in such a poetic way that it makes you want to sing along. I always feel better after listening to this song, it's like it calms me down and gives me hope. love it too much!
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, I didn't even know this song existed! I thought the chorus was super sticky, and the dance is really lively. But honestly, the lyrics are pretty weak, it looks like they didn't put too much effort into that part. Even so, I think I'll leave it saved on my gym playlist, it will blow my knees.
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Costa 🚀💸
ig sent ig no 🤷🏼‍♂️
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I didn't like Hola, Moça very much. I found the lyrics a little weak and the dance a little monotonous. There was a lack of differential that would call my attention and make me hear again.
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transports me to the time when I used to go out with friends to enjoy the night. It's lively and has an infectious dance . I love how artists combine their styles to create something unique, always surprising me with their sharp rhymes and engaging lyrics.
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highly addictive! From the first, it already makes you want to dance non-stop. The dance is incredible and the voices complement each other perfectly. There's a song that doesn't leave your head and that makes your body move non-stop. I love it too much!
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I found the dance engaging and the lyrics very creative. I enjoyed the energy together in a collaboration. Maybe the lyrics could be a little deeper, but overall it's a lively song.
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this track catches fire! I can't stop rolling and singing along. Crazy beat and heartfelt lyrics - everything I need to enjoy!
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man, hello, girl, it's stuck on my head! The dance and vibe of the song are too contagious. I love the way the voices mix and the lyrics are cute. It's impossible not to move to the sound of this hit
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Bro, I was hearing Hello, Young Woman in the street and I waved prum poste thinking it was a mine! Just missing the dance kkk
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the lyrics brought a delicious and romantic vibe, I wanted to send it to crush! Instrumental lifts the music in an immersive rhythm
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bro, sneaky, help me out of the way! It's getting cold in the belly and a little horny in the heart at the same time. dance is sinister and makes my body move out of control. I'm feeling every word that comes out of my mouth and it seems like he's telling my story.
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