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I'd never met you, but I wanted

To invite you to the party

Then you walked in with those green eyes

Never stolen by nobody

And they flicker to the future

For a moment, I could picture

Then you touch me and I come back

And we're talking on the staircase

'Bout your big dreams on the big screens

Out of Georgia, now you're lonely in this city

Lyin' with me

And you're scared it's movin' quickly

Oh, now you're crying, you're in pieces

'Cause the only love you've ever known is Jesus

I can feel it

Oh, I hate that I'm the reason that you're

In your head right now

While your world is spinning out

So slow it down

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Slow It Down

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bro, this Slow It Down song by Benson Boone is sensational! The rhythm is very contagious and I can't stop dancing when I hear it. And the lyrics, man, are super deep and true. They make me feel things I didn't know I had inside me. Without a doubt, one of my favorites!
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this sound is too much, bro! The dance is immersive and the choruses stick to the head. The lyrics talk about real things in life and that identifies me too much. When I listen, it's like everything around me stops and I just can enjoy the music. Total vibe good and success guaranteed!
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Can we all just take a second and appreciate the beauty of Slow It Down? It feels like a warm hug on a cold day and speaks to my soul. 💕
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Always lifts my spirits!
steve’s keyboard's avatar
steve’s keyboard
Always a good vibe!
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Forever on my playlist!
RAJA✨'s avatar
Pure magic! 🌠
Howard445's avatar
Makes my day brighter! 🌞
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Such a vibe! 🌟
Lola❤️'s avatar
Loving this vibe! 🌞
onwayhome's avatar
Can’t get it out of my head!
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Forever a classic!
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Just can’t resist! 🎵
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TikTok Music Brasil
"Slow It Down" is more than just a song, it's a reminder to breathe and enjoy life. Comment down below how you connect with these inspiring lyrics and we'll share our experiences together! #behindthemusic
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Mason ye
Seriously vibing with this one today
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bro, this song is too angry! I'm addicted to it already, I can't stop listening. The lyrics are too deep and the melody is too immersive. There are times that make me feel on the clouds, others that make me reflect on life. he got it right, I'll definitely follow more work like this
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Max baby
This one just made my playlist perfect!
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Everytime I listen to Slow It Down, I feel like a sloth who's finally found its groove. The song's magic never wears off and I love it! #SlowItDown
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love 💖 💞 the lyrics, so inspiring
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Perfect for a morning pickmeup
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