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De cabelo preto, de chapéu e bota

Ou jeitinho que o vaqueiro gosta

Diferenciada, isso que é mulher

Correr vaquejada, dançar forró e tomar Dreher

Maravilhosa, aa, aa, aa

Bonita e cheirosa, aa, aa, aa

Oh boca gostosa, aa, aa, aa

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hell, amazing! Every time I listen to it, I feel like I'm floating in a sea of emotions. You know those lyrics that seem to have been written for you exactly? So that's how I feel when I listen to this song. The melody is super immersive and it seems that it never leaves my head!
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TikTok Music Brasil
"Wonderful" by Zé Vaqueiro is that song that plays and immediately makes the people dance! With a lot of rhythm, this track is everything we want to liven up the forró. The lyrics talk about a woman who is the way the cowboy likes, beautiful and fragrant. And have you ever found your wonderful one? Let's share our stories in the comments #behindthemusic
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very cool, I can't stop listening! the dance is super immersive and the vocals are amazing, especially when they come to the chorus. the lyrics are also pretty deep and make me think about life. definitely one of my all-time favorite tracks!
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I came for Virginia ✨
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top too 😝
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Zé Vaqueiro's deep lyrics and emotional voice took me on a musical journey and connected me with my emotions. I felt a lot of sadness and love in the music. The instrumental was simple and effective, adding a sense of silence. Overall, the music was beautiful and touching.
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who never sang listening to Maravilhosa thinking she was panting and the cell phone played the chorus well? 🤣
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brings back memories of happy and simple moments, those that we carefully keep in our hearts. Zé Vaqueiro's voice and melody are engaging and take me to a quiet and cozy place. It's a song I like to listen to when I want to relax and feel nostalgic at the same time.
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I think it's wonderful, very forgettable. There's nothing special that makes the music stand out or stick in your head.
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too angry, bro! I'm going crazy with this dance and this letter picking up my vein. Zé Vaqueiro sent this one a lot, I'm addicted!
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I found the surrounding rhythm and the lyrics captivating, good for dancing and enjoying. However, repeating the melody can sometimes tire
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too wonderful, mermao! When she starts to play, I can already feel my tail moving automatically. The chorus is sticky that only and the lyrics are one of those that we sing, really screaming. Zé Vaqueiro commands very well, he's one of my favorites. It's worth checking!
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I can't get Wonderful out of my head, it's very contagious! I love the dance and the lyrics are fun and lively. It's a perfect song to dance and have fun with friends
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of time! The dance doesn't stop for a second and the lyrics have very cool metaphors. I am impressed by the artists' creativity, always surprising. Only the quality of the audio doesn't help much, but it doesn't take away the silence of the song. I'll save this one on my playlist
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