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Got on my leather jacket, thriller

There sure ain't nothin' iller

Man I'm a lady killer, if I want her I'mma steal her

I promise I could make her fly away like caterpillars

So if you don't know by now then you should probably get familiar

So if you don't know by now then you should probably get familiar

So if you don't know by now then you should probably get familiar

Just give her;

You got no hope, not no sliver

All day I keep drinking whiskey straight until I got no liver

Cold like (brr!), make you shiver

Snatching bitches, leave you bitter

I see what I like then I just go go get her lady killer, get familiar

Yeah, I respond to what I like

Swear this shit goes down like every other night

Man I f**' love this life

Put it down and these h**s sayin' they love the pipe

No, I'm not the bring back to your mother type, no

Off that whiskey, 101 proof

I'm just mixing that with Vermouth

She'll be taken if you're aloof

We just f**d on top of that roof

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Lady Killers II

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Alan Rodriguez
Listening to this song, I return to those moments of loss and grief.
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Lola❤️'s avatar
Damn, Lady Killers II got my head boppin and heart thumpin! G-Eazy and Christoph Andersson are a lethal combo. Cant stop listening! #addicted
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Hugo Quiroz
What an incredible discovery! The music is so immersive and the lyrics so authentic. I just can't stop listening to it.
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beach vibes
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Guilherme Antunes
This rolita is pure fire! The music fills you with energy and the lyrics are very authentic.
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Every time I hear Lady Killers II, I feel like a boss-ass b*tch ready to take on the world, even if I'm just doing laundry. #GirlPower @lizzo
IsabelaCosta_'s avatar
this song has that beat that doesn't come out of its head! the lyrics are so heartfelt and make me feel like I'm singing straight to me. the vibe is so relaxing, but it also has high-energy moments where dancing is the only option. it's the perfect soundtrack for any humor
MarceloRibeiro's avatar
bro, too good a breeze! The beat hit my chest hard and took me somewhere else, bag? The lyrics are so true that they seem to have come out of my own life. I've already added them to my playlists and I'll listen until I get tired!
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Cant stop listening to Lady Killers II! G-Eazy and Christoph Andersson killed it. My neighbors might want to kill me though. #eargasm #obsessed
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Lady Killers II G-Eazy, Christoph Andersson song makes my legs can not stop swaying, so cool! 🔥🔥🔥
Brkkkroger🎵's avatar
love this song, so uplifting
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ava shirley
lacking originality, needs something unique
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Yo, G-Eazy and Christoph Andersson are straight up murderers on the track! Lady Killers II has me feeling like a boss, cant stop boppin. #dopebeats
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, I just discovered a new song that made me jaw drop! Hearing this sound is like I'm entering a parallel universe, with a dance that sticks to my head and doesn't come out anymore. The voice is super immersive and conveys incredible energy, even more combined with the lyrics.
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Lady Killers II song makes baper, rap G-Eazy and Christoph Andersson make goosebumps, manteap! 🔥👌 # hiphop # cool # cool # keepitup
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music does not captivate me. There's nothing new here and the lyrics are quite. It didn't get in my head after I heard
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this song makes me travel on mayonnaise, you know? thes get me so into the mood, and the voice is so smooth. the lyrics are amazing too, it makes me feel like the words are addressed directly to me. I just love this work of sound art!
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Lady Killers II song makes me remember the former crazy punk, but really like the beat! G-Eazy & Christoph Andersson is really good!
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bro, this song Lady Killers II by G-Eazy and Christoph Andersson is amazing! The dance is so contagious that it's impossible to stand still, I already want to go dancing around. I love how they mixed the vocals and the production, everything got so balanced and harmonious. Totally addictive!
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