Tune in Together

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É o Falcão

Som baixinho pra não acordar o papai dela

Ele nem imagina o que a princesa dele é capaz de fazer

De Pandora e Scandal pelo corpo todo

E olha com quem a patty da cidade foi se envolver

Com quem a patty da cidade foi se envolver

E pra você não esquecer, é mais uma do LP

Cowboyzão cheirosão, de botona de couro

Ela se apaixonou pelo jeito que eu mordo o pescoço

'To boyzão, cheirosão, de cordão de ouro

Ela se apaixonou (vai)

Entra na Defender

Vai, me surpreende

Mostra o que 'cê faz que eu te levo ao céu

Deixa tudo em OFF, o melhor ninguém descobre

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Entra Na Defender

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man, this song makes me feel good! The dance is insane and the lyrics are so real. I can't help but sing along every time it plays. It's one of those that cheers you up, you know? And even after so many repetitions, I still haven't been seasick. It's a modern classic, no doubt!
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the music is really cool, it has an immersive dance that makes us swing our skeleton. The voice is smooth and harmonizes perfectly with the instrumental. But I thought the lyrics could be a little more elaborate, you know? Not that it's bad, but it looks like something was missing there.
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TikTok Music Brasil
After the latest hits like "Inside Hilux" and "Silverado" where he mentions big car brands like conquests and objects of desire wherever he goes, our hat playboy follows in the same line, but now bringing a sound even more focused on funk. The track has the participation of Mc Daniel who lives a great moment and adds a lot to this project #behindthemusic
fã LP 🎙️❤️'s avatar
fã LP 🎙️❤️
this song is beautiful
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this song by Luan Pereira, Mc Daniel doesn't get out of my head! The rhythm is contagious and impossible to stand still. I love the lyrics and how well they do it when it comes to rhyming. I can't wait to dance to this song at parties!
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reminds me of when I was younger and everything seemed easier. I love dance and lyrics, which make me feel like I can face any challenge
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I didn't like Entra Na Defender very much, I thought it lacked a little originality in the lyrics and the dance didn't excite me too much. But I respect those who like it!
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bro, this song is too crazy, I'm crazy to dance! The chorus is an addiction, it sticks to the head and doesn't come out anymore. The dance is heavy and the guys' voices match perfectly. There's no way to translate it, I have to turn up the volume and get into the vibe!
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Antonia Gonçalves Zarpellom
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Edjalma Oliveira Fer
top ...
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licassia silvalemes
Wonderful🥰Luan doesn't miss one, super loved it💖💖
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Vital Ferreira
Liked it here for me to come back later 🎧
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Willame Vinicius Emi
top of but amei 😻
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face, too much! The dance is electrifying and the vocals are amazing. Whenever I hear this song, I feel like I'm at a crowded and lively party. Choruses are so captivating that I can't stop singing along. Definitely one of my favorite songs!
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