Tune in Together

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Entre los ranchos me miran pasar

Paseo seguido pa' la capital

Porque hay negocio, voy a corretear

Los billetitos del cielo no caen

Por eso recio me gusta a mí andar

Si toca fiesta, al depa he de llegar

Unas botellas y el humo verán

Bien relajado, todo bien está

Mi relijto se mira brillar

Para las niñas encargué champán

Ya saben que me gusta derrochar

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Fresas de la Capital (Remix)

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Elena Montes's avatar
Elena Montes
It's the perfect combination of enveloping beats and nostalgic atmospheres that catch you from the first moment. It's impossible not to get carried away by its contagious rhythm! #fresasdelacapital
Juan Sánchez's avatar
Juan Sánchez
The melody of this song is so catchy that it always stays in my head for hours. It is impossible not to hum it after listening to it.
Clara de Matos's avatar
Clara de Matos
This song reminds me so much of my childhood that I can't help but feel sadness, it's absolutely lovely.
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Maria Valentina de Gouvea's avatar
Maria Valentina de Gouvea
It reminds me of dancing in college.
Benjamin Almeida's avatar
Benjamin Almeida
enveloping rhythm you can't resist!
Juan Manuel De la cruz's avatar
Juan Manuel De la cruz
brings back memories of my school years, I love it.
Jose Antonio Sanchez's avatar
Jose Antonio Sanchez
It reminds me of good times in my life!
Ramon Velazquez's avatar
Ramon Velazquez
reminds me of old friendships
Arthur Gabriel Corrêa's avatar
Arthur Gabriel Corrêa
It reminds me of those moments of youth
Maria dolores Macias's avatar
Maria dolores Macias
reminds me of my adolescence when everything was simpler.
Jorge Castillo's avatar
Jorge Castillo
that song makes me sad, it reminds me of my childhood.
Gael Amorim's avatar
Gael Amorim
this song brings back good memories
Raquel Villanueva's avatar
Raquel Villanueva
I love how time stops.
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