Tune in Together

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Yeah, você me disse (disse)

Que essa vida é ilusão (ilusão)

Eu me pergunto (sempre)

Ah, se isso é verdade ou não

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top too much, it always reminds me of those hot summer nights with friends at the beach. dance is definitely the highlight, impossible to stand still. the lyrics are also sensational and make me feel like I'm in another world. these guys know a lot about music!
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it hurts too much! The sound is heavy, it's hitting deep in the soul. And there's lyrics that are pure truth, you know? I'm feeling connected with the lyrics, as if the music was made especially for me. And there's that flow that only the best can do, you know? I'm addicted!
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top too, it has a super contagious dance that can't get out of my head. I love how the lyrics talk about relationships and self-love, it always gives me a feeling of empowerment. Not to mention that the voice is amazing, I never get tired of listening!
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Stiff красиво(coc@ine version)
the best of the moment!!
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guys, this song is addictive! I've been listening on a loop for hours and I can't get enough. The dance is engaging and the lyrics are very reflective, my thoughts travel far. The chorus sticks to my mind in such a delicious way that I can't stop humming. The voice of the person singing is very good and combined d+
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