Tune in Together

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I was down but now I'm up, yeah

This all God this ain't no luck, yeah

I used to be stuck in that mud, woah

Yeah, I was down but now I'm up, up, up, up

I was down but now I'm up, yeah

This all God this ain't no luck, yeah

I used to be stuck in that mud, yeah

Yeah, I was down but now I'm up, up, up, up

I was down but now I'm

Up like my name Lazarus

Know Satan gon' be mad at this

I had to ask my dad

If it's okay to swing my bat at this

He said, Boy, if I pitch it, it's out of the park

Moving so quick, it's like they stuck in park

They see the numbers but I see the heart

Ten thousand hours he spent in the dark

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UP! makes me feel like I can conquer the world! Whenever I'm feeling down, I blast it and become an instant superhero. Thank you, Shania. 🎤🦸‍♀️ #UP! #ShaniaTwain
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Mason ye
I don't know how UP! managed to capture my heart so fast, but all I know is that it's been on repeat for days now. Help. #addictedtothebeat
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Josep Nava
Have you heard this rolita? It's really cool, it catches you from the first and the lyrics are like a trip back in time, ideal for lovers of good music!
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my new favorite song 😍
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Flor Acosta
This song is a true work of art. The melody is captivating and the lyrics are powerful. The instrumentation is impressive, every arrangement is like a musical gem. It is a song that makes you feel a wide range of emotions and leaves you wanting more.
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Mercedes Esquivel
I stumbled upon this song and got hooked instantly. The melody is addictive and the lyrics are intriguing. The instrumentation is immersive, it's one of those songs that make you want to listen to more!
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Irene Trujillo
This melody is amazing, I love it! The combination of instruments and vocals creates an atmosphere so delicate and enveloping that it makes you feel like you are in another world. It's perfect for disconnecting from daily stress and getting carried away with music!
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Every time I hear the UP!, I feel like I can conquer the world! I may not be gettin' them coins, but I am getting my daily dose of motivation!💪🏽
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too much, it looks like she was made for me. The lyrics are super deep and I can't stop humming the melody. dance is also contagious, there's no way not to want to dance. he always rockes with his productions and I can't wait to listen anymore!
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amazing! the beats are very good, it's almost impossible not to want to dance. And to top it off, the lyrics are very deep and emotional, it makes me feel a strong connection to the music. I can't stop listening, addicted to that sound!
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the vibe that this track has is surreal! Every dance makes me want to dance to the floor! I've heard it twenty times and I never get tired. It's that kind of music that hugs you and takes you high. The lyrics are simple, but you feel them in your soul. It's hard not to listen to this track all day, I'm really addicted!
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Guys, I'm addicted to that sound! The dance is really good and the lyrics are super immersive. I can't stop listening, I've already put it on my favorites playlist. It will definitely stick in my head for a long time. I just think the clip could have been more creative, but overall, it's top
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UP! is my official alarm tone. Whenever I hear it, I just can't resist jumping out of bed and going UP! and down like nobody's watching.
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I'm not a big fan of UP! Looks like something is missing in it that will make me wait for the next time I play the song
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this song won me over from start to finish! The dance does not leave my head. It has very good energy and inspiring lyrics. Period!
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Ricardo Rios
I liked the lyrics, but not so much the melody.
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Lívia Cosme
I love the rhythm
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hey, this song UP! makes me want to dance to the floor! The rhythm is very contagious, there's no way to stand still. I love the dance and the way the lyrics make me feel happy and lively. It's to listen loudly and let the body move with everything!
luana_rodrigues's avatar
uP! brings me a sense of sadness because it reminds me of happy moments from my youth. I like the lively dance of music and fun lyrics. Makes me want to dance and smile
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