Tune in Together

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Especialidad haciendo billetes

Siempre andamos activos, aquí no paramos jamás

Somos jefes

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Laís de Chaves's avatar
Laís de Chaves
The voice in this song always makes me feel like I'm at a dance party, dancing all night long and hard.
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Catalina Gallardo's avatar
Catalina Gallardo
I love how this song uses different stringed instruments to create a more elegant and dynamic atmosphere in the music.
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Eva María Avalos's avatar
Eva María Avalos
I didn't know this track, but it has been quite a failure. The melody is so hard that it pulls you out of your routine and motivates you to keep going! #gta
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Susana Montoya's avatar
Susana Montoya
brings back memories of my childhood, I loved it!
Andrea Soto's avatar
Andrea Soto
Reminds me of adolescence, good weather.
María Rosa Murillo's avatar
María Rosa Murillo
reminds me of my high school years
Patricia Pineda's avatar
Patricia Pineda
makes me feel nostalgic, reminds me of summer afternoons with friends
Maria dolores Macias's avatar
Maria dolores Macias
the rhythm of this song is intoxicating!
Ana maria Salinas's avatar
Ana maria Salinas
this song transports me to happy moments in my adolescence.
Eloá Ciqueira's avatar
Eloá Ciqueira
What memories with this rolita
Alícia da Silva's avatar
Alícia da Silva
What a great flow this song has.
Nicole de Barros's avatar
Nicole de Barros
What beautiful memories that song brings back. I love the lyrics
Ricardo Martínez's avatar
Ricardo Martínez
It's great for those days when you just want to get carried away with the music and relax. Its quiet rhythm is incredible
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Karen Fernández's avatar
Karen Fernández
How sticky, it transports me to fun moments with friends.
Carlos Bastida's avatar
Carlos Bastida
It has such an addictive rhythm that I always find myself moving to the beat. It's the perfect song for when you need an energy boost.
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