Tune in Together

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A bateria tá quase acabando

Mas vou usar esse 1% pra dizer

Tudo que eu sinto e o quanto eu te amo

E 100% em mim ainda tem muito você

Desde o dia que você saiu

Daquela porta a minha vida deu uma revirada

Se te contarem que me viu feliz

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1% (Ao Vivo)

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GabrielLima1991's avatar
perfect for relaxing and enjoying quality sound. The dance is engaging and the instruments complement each other perfectly. The lyrics are also super meaningful, bringing a strong and emotional message. I always get goosebumps when I hear this song, it's just too much!
rodrigoCosta's avatar
, I couldn't help but hear this song over and over again! The vocals are too much and the dance is super contagious. The lyrics aren't the deepest, but they have a chorus that stays in your head all day. It will definitely be on my summer playlist!
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monirsenior932's avatar
I just know that this song makes me feel incredible inner peace! It's the perfect mix of soft melodies with deep lyrics that make you reflect on life. dance is contagious and never tires, I could listen multiple times without getting bored. It's a work of art
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Luanna Carvalho
Why judge so much? 🥹
MarinaMelodias's avatar
pure fire! When I hear it, it's all right: the body starts swaying, the feet already want to dance! There's no way to stand still. The dance is immersive and the lyrics are those that stick to your head. I feel like 1% when I'm enjoying that sound!
AnaLuizaCosta's avatar
bro, listening to this song hit that rock! I remembered the time I wanted to be Ludmilla at the party and ended up falling to the floor. Kkkk
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pure fire! That's the way it makes you feel alive and enjoying every moment. Voices together are a perfect combination. Too much love!
AnaLuizaPires's avatar
I didn't like Vitinho's voice very much in this song, I don't think it combined very well with Ludmilla's. It was a little dull, you know?
LuizGonzagaTributo's avatar
Ludmilla's voice combined with Vitinho's rhythm is incredible! The music cheers me up and wants to dance. The chorus is addictive!
FernandoCruz's avatar
I liked the dynamics between the voices of Ludmilla and Vitinho. The dance is contagious, but I missed something more striking in the lyrics.
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this song just sticks to your head! And the combination of Ludmilla's voice with Vitinho is perfect. It has an infectious energy that makes you want to dance non-stop!
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bro, too massive! Her vibe is a unique mix of hip-hop beats with lyrics that feel like they were written especially for me. There's no way not to feel connected on that frequency. I'm on repeat here because this track is pure fire
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Simone Oliveira
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Iara Oliveira
yeah, everything in this house looks like it has its DNA back, back to your home.... you need c....o
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