Tune in Together

Gangsta's poster image

Gangsta, gangsta, gangsta, gangsta, gangsta, gangsta

The Free Nationals

You know, my daddy was a gangsta

And father before him was a damn thug

I'ma learn to escape without these handcuffs

I ain't going to court to see no damn judge

Cocked a four-fifth, blow knobs up the hinge

My security guard big, but inside a punk, b**h

Ass n**a yous a trick, n**a yous a wankster, wankster

And my pop was a gangsta

F**k that hoe when I need sex, give me throat when I need neck

Love her more when I'm in wreck, I reply when I see text

I forgot her, God be vexed, say no more, my God say less

Copy, copy, I'll be back, wear the tech, it's back in cap

So turn on your thank you cap before I push this shit way back

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