Tune in Together

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Olha nós outra vez explicando pro povo

Pode até parecer mas não é namoro

Eu não me encaixo

Na outra metade da sua vida

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Pra Sempre Sem Ser

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very top, it always cheers me up when I'm down. The beats are very contagious and the lyrics are well written, you can see that there is a lot of feeling in them. I can't stop singing, it's addictive! Everyone should know and enjoy this amazing music!
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brunaoliveira.94's avatar
I really liked this song, bro! The dance is engaging and the vocalist knows how to interpret super well. I just found the lyrics a little, but the melody pays off a lot. I've already added it to my ballad playlist, it's sure to be a hit in the roles. It's worth checking!
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Hi guys, I'm addicted to a song that makes me feel alive! The dance is incredible and the lyrics are super current and authentic. Who else is liking it? 😎🔊🎶
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too much dough, I'm addicted to that sound!
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