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Não é porque ela tá solteira

Que ela anda sozinha, ai, ai

Ela sabe que é trenzão

Mas não gosta de andar na linha ai ai

Coitado desses peão

Que só porque mexe com laço quer laçar um coração

É o bonde das boiadeira

Ela não brinca em serviço, olha como ela chegar

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Bonde das Boiadeiras

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GustavoVieira_'s avatar
really cool! The dance is engaging and the chorus stays in your head for hours. The lyrics speak of love and romance in a way that makes you want to fall in love too. I play this song when I'm driving and I can't stop singing along!
mylesishak's avatar
too, it hits my chest really hard and makes me feel alive like few others. lyrics and instruments are so close together that together they manage to create a unique and immersive vibe. the chorus is so sticky it won't come out of my head anytime soon. definitely one of my favorite songs!
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mateusousa's avatar
Wow, this song chills to the soul! I didn't know, but it's already become my new favorite. The lyrics are so deep that they seem to have come out of my own life story. Not to mention the melody, which is addictive. I'm simply with this song, I've heard it like fifty times in a row
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eserabelden's avatar
fuck too much! The dance is crazy and the vocal is amazing. I can't stop dancing! Ana Castela did very well!
marcelojohansson5's avatar
oh, this song by Ana Castela is too good, my people! Bonde das Boiadeiras has a beat that makes my skeleton shake!
wiltonschumacher's avatar
man, this song by Ana Castela is soooo addictive! I can't get it out of my head! The way she sings and the instruments used are amazing! Not to mention the lyrics, which are super lively and talk about life in the countryside. I've listened a thousand times and it doesn't get sick!
Eduardo_silva_410's avatar
Feeling like a real executioner dancing Bonde from Ana Castela's Boiadeiras, even the boogeyman got scared. Kkkkk
Carolina_Pereira's avatar
I found the Boiadeiras' Bonde music a little monotonous. I couldn't connect with the lyrics or rhythm. Maybe it's not my vibe
blucas.souza's avatar
music is a tribute to the hard work and perseverance of women in dealing with cattle. It always thrills me to see the strength of these women who overcome all difficulties. Rope instruments and percussion beats add a unique touch to the music.
dereckzeeb's avatar
I liked the surrounding dance and the lyrics that portray the magnetic force. I only found the repetition exaggerated in some parts of the song, but in general I really liked it.
Isabela.Rodrigues's avatar
brings back memories of happy moments in Holland with my family. The lyrics are very beautiful and Ana Castela has an incredible voice. I get excited every time I listen to
vanessa_rodrigues's avatar
too much! The instrumentals are amazing and the lyrics are super deep Without a doubt, it's one of my favorites - I always feel good when I listen to them
Coringa321 HAHAHAHAHA!!!'s avatar
Coringa321 HAHAHAHAHA!!!
this woman deserves a lot of success. sings a lot of race. is crazy. her voice is addictive. the songs are all good. congratulations. super deserves. flies that flies up Ana Castela
camilaRibeiro.77's avatar
very top, I already indicated it in general! The beat is addictive and the lyrics are massive!
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