Tune in Together

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Dices que no es de contrato, que fue solo pa' un rato

Pero te quiero aquí, cerquita de mí

¿Cómo decir que te extraño sin decir que te extraño?

Esto no se puede morir


¿Quién me come como tú?

¿Quién más tiene ese tatto?

¿Quién me mata esta bellaquera?


No me cambies de actitud

Tú me pones en el mood

Lo hacemos a tu manera

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Maria Antonia Villalobos's avatar
Maria Antonia Villalobos
This rolita is a gem. The music fills you with camaraderie, and the lyrics are great #ATuManera The instrumentation is, it makes you feel like you are not alone.
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Juana Rocha's avatar
Juana Rocha
The voice in this song always makes me feel as if I were on a journey to an unknown but emotional destination.
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Pedro Henrique Baptista's avatar
Pedro Henrique Baptista
This song always reminds me of the moments of emotion and passion I have experienced in my love life.
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Lorena Costa Braga's avatar
Lorena Costa Braga
this song takes me back in time, I love it.
Natalia Enriquez's avatar
Natalia Enriquez
Reminds me of high school afternoons, dancing with friends.
Ana Vitória de Melo's avatar
Ana Vitória de Melo
this song makes me feel strong!
Rubí Figueroa's avatar
Rubí Figueroa
The music makes me feel uncomfortable in those days.
Susana Montoya's avatar
Susana Montoya
It reminds me of afternoons at home.
Olívia de Moraes's avatar
Olívia de Moraes
The sound of this song is heavenly!
Melina de Farias's avatar
Melina de Farias
This melody is like a message of love!
Maria dolores Macias's avatar
Maria dolores Macias
reminds me of those days full of partying and dancing with friends. I love its contagious rhythm
Mariana de Gois's avatar
Mariana de Gois
reminds me of good times:)
Pietra de Morais's avatar
Pietra de Morais
Reminds me of the good old days
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