Tune in Together

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Y aquí andamos en código, compa Tito Double P, ¡uah!

Y mi compa Rafael Amaya


Y cuidado con la bestia

Despertaron a la bestia, ya saben qué le molesta

Y cuidado si dice "Arre" (Cuidado si dice "Arre")

Trae el diablo en la mirada, mejor no le digas nada

Porque se te arma un desmadre

Esos 727 siguen llevando paquetes y los rifles traen más parque

El color del cielo es blanco, y el que diga lo contrario lo manda con Dios padre

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Karen Fernández's avatar
Karen Fernández
This melody is like a blank canvas where I can capture my dreams and hopes, each note is a brushstroke of emotions that give life to my deepest thoughts!
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Noelia Quintero's avatar
Noelia Quintero
The lyrics in this song are so introspective and personal that they always make me feel like I'm in a therapy session.
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Teresa Cortez's avatar
Teresa Cortez
I love the originality and creativity in this song, it's like a work of art in the musical world.
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Manuela Andrade's avatar
Manuela Andrade
what beautiful memories, it makes me want to dance
Chloe de Miranda's avatar
Chloe de Miranda
reminds me of vacations in Spain with my family
Lorena Costa Braga's avatar
Lorena Costa Braga
It reminds me of my vacation time in Spain!
Larissa de Paiva's avatar
Larissa de Paiva
this song always puts me in a good mood!
Lara de Avila's avatar
Lara de Avila
How good this melody makes me feel in my heart!
Maria Cecília de Jesus's avatar
Maria Cecília de Jesus
Makes me proud of Spain
Teresa Rodriguez's avatar
Teresa Rodriguez
What a great discovery. The melody is unique and the lyrics are genuine. The instrumentation is amazing, it's one of those songs that make you appreciate the true beauty of the music! #labestia
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Flor Acosta's avatar
Flor Acosta
I love this song, it makes me feel so Spanish!
Maria da Rocha's avatar
Maria da Rocha
this song reminds me of warm days with friends
Sarah de Azevedo Fernandes's avatar
Sarah de Azevedo Fernandes
It reminds me of my trip to Spain!
Chloe de Miranda's avatar
Chloe de Miranda
This music makes me feel relaxed!
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