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Festival sertanejo e eu no camarote

A boca mais linda virando gin no gole

Falei e aí tá afim de beijar

Mais doida que eu respondeu só se for agora

No outro dia eu vim embora

Tô na minha cidade agora

Com contato errado

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Morena De Goiânia

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Get ready to fall in love with "Morena De Goiânia (Ao Vivo)"! Hugo & Guilherme called on the incredible Maiara & Maraisa to rock this contagious country band. Share your thoughts in the comments and let's celebrate this amazing song together! 💕 #behindthemusic
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man, that sound gets to me the way. The rhythm is so immersive that I can't stand still. The lyrics are heartfelt and make me feel understood. It's one of my favorite songs to listen to with friends on a good vibe.
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Bro, this song is very wonderful! The dance is engaging, the lyrics are deep and the voice is mesmerizing. I can't stop listening and I've already put it on repeat. It's really worth checking out this sound and letting yourself be carried away by the emotion it conveys. It's the kind of music that makes you feel things.
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Sara Rhaniellen Nunes
i already heard this song i loved it ❤❤
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Aeldo batista 925
my dd is 61
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