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Nah, we just gettin' started

It's Slum Tiller Volume 2, n**a

My boy TylianMTB on this shit

We got this m**r goin' crazy and we don't even know

n**a, you know what time it is


I'ma take her bougie ass to Rodeo and then let her pick up whatever she want

CC, Gucci, hit Bottega, whatever she want

She p**s me off, somehow she still get whatever she want

Talking 'bout her nails, I'm finna nail her ass at home

Hit it in the shower, made her tell me where she want (huh)

Like I'm singin' Mase, I made her tell me what she want (huh, huh)

(Huh-huh, huh-huh-huh, wow)

She on a power trip again

I know p**y power got me buyin' shit again

Friends ain't jackin' me, you must be lyin' to your friends

They know I'm a beast, I wake the giants up again (huh-huh, huh-huh-huh)

Shinin' once again

Ran it up, I told lil' mama, "slide in my DMs" (huh, uh)

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Whatever She Wants

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I never knew hip hop could make me feel like a boss lady until Whatever She Wants came along. Now I strut like I run the world every time it's on #hiphopvibes
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Never thought I’d catch myself vibin’ to a hip hop song, but Enough (Miami) got me boppin’ like no tomorrow. Can’t resist Cardi B’s fire verses!
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Bryson Tiller has done it again with Whatever She Wants. Cant stop playing it on repeat!
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Yo, Whatever She Wants hits different. Been vibin nonstop to Bryson Tillers smooth voice.
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That beat drop in the middle of the song got me feeling like I own the world. Whatever She Wants is proof that hip hop is still lit af! #MusicMonday
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Bryson Tiller got me feeling like Whatever She Wants, Ill provide. Wait, hold up, Im broke. The struggle is real, but the song is fire!
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Whatever She Wants has had me in my feels all week. Bryson Tiller is a true artist.
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love the carefree feel of this song
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steve’s keyboard
perfect for a montage
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makes me feel like i'm invincible
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not me the first one here
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perfect for studying or work
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