Tune in Together

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Abri minha Bíblia em João 20

E me deparei

Com Maria Madalena

Chorando junto ao túmulo do Rei

Ela levanta sua cabeça

Enxugando suas lágrimas, seus olhos ela abriu

E aonde estava o corpo do Mestre

Dois anjos Maria viu

E eles lhe perguntaram: Maria por que chora?

Então Maria lhe respondeu

Aqui estava o corpo do Mestre Jesus

Só que o corpo Dele desapareceu


Então Maria anda pra trás

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João 20 + Pra Sempre

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NeydeMarquesFa's avatar
Heck, this song is really top notch! I didn't know Josué Freitas, but I'm already addicted! The sound is so immersive, I can't stand still! And the lyrics? Sensational, I really identified myself! That sound just makes me want to be at the party with my friends, really enjoying it! Wow, Joshua!
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Pedro_Machado_P's avatar
man, what an amazing sound! The beats and guitars of João 20 + Pra Semper (Live) leave me with an absurdly good energy! Josué Freitas' deep and emotion-laden lyrics me into a powerful sonic journey! Can't hear that sound and stand still, shit?
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ricardoboyster's avatar
I really liked the energy that this song transmits! It made me want to go dancing around. Josué Freitas sent it super well in this live version of João 20 + Pra Semper. The band is also very good, playing with great precision and grip. It's amazing how gospel music can be so vibrant
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lucas.sssantos's avatar
man, I was listening to João 20 + Pra Semper and when the song Perto, but so far away started, my mom thought I was crying and came to hug me kkkkk
CarolinaMendes's avatar
I loved this song! Josué Freitas' voice is amazing and this live version is even better than the original. I can't stop listening! The lyrics are full of emotion and make me reflect on life. I will definitely add this track to my playlist. Highly recommended to everyone
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mitchellfireston9's avatar
man, listening to this song, I remembered the time I danced so much at the show that my ex saw me falling, thinking I was drunk lol. !
Felipe_Oliveira's avatar
the music is quite monotonous, it didn't hold my attention. The vocals are ok, but nothing memorable. I see no reason to review
DanielFernandes2004's avatar
people, this song by Josué Freitas is a sure shot in my heart! The lyrics are so delicate and the rhythm is contagious. I love it when I listen to songs that make me think about deep things like love and eternity. Without a doubt, João 20 + Pra Semper (Ao Vivo) is one of my favorites!
Rafael_Lima's avatar
brings me a delicious friendship! It reminds me of happy moments with friends and moments of peace in my life. The voice and lyrics are extremely engaging. I love the lyrics and interpretation of Josué Freitas
jeremiahbalzarini's avatar
I think João 20+ Pra Semper didn't get much attention from me. I couldn't connect with the music and the lyrics didn't impact me.
blucas.souza's avatar
brings back memories of happy moments with friends. I love Josué Freitas' voice and how he interprets the lyrics, it's magnificent!
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