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You go down just like Holy Mary, Mary on a, Mary on a cross

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Mary On A Cross

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Man, my playlist was seriously missing some holy vibes until I stumbled upon that masterpiece by the talented artist. Bless up, Eibell! #divineinspiration
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Vitor Bruneli
The singer's voice in this song is so emotional and full of life that it makes you feel every word as if it were a conversation between friends.
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Man, I didn't know I needed this in my life until I heard it. Mary On A Cross got me feeling some type of way. Your talent is insane, Eibell! #phenomenalcreation
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What's the power?
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Charlles Roger
Beautiful music
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My ears couldn't get enough of that heavenly harmony! Caught myself humming it while doing laundry. Definitely my new jam! #musiclove
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this song is too brave! The dance is insane and the lyrics hit deep in the soul. It's like a liberation vibe that I don't feel in other songs. Eibell sent this one really well!
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ava shirley
Yo, that beat hit me harder than a toddler in a toy store! Respect to the producer for crafting such sick beats on 'em bars. #HipHopVibes
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How can a piece of art be so hauntingly beautiful? Mary On A Cross has left an indelible mark on my soul. I can't stop listening! #MusicalObsession
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Wow, this track took me on a spiritual journey! I guess it's true what they say, music really is a form of transcendence. #MaryOnACross #EibellsTalent
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Andrea Soto
This song is an explosion of color. Its vibrant instrumentation and dynamic voice create an atmosphere full of energy and vitality. It's like a blank canvas that fills with life with every note! #MaryOnACross
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heck, what a different sound! Ever heard of Eibell? I was positively surprised by the song Mary On A Cross. The lyrics talk about fighting your own demons and overcoming obstacles. The dance character is innovative and energetic, but still retains the feeling of melancholy. I loved the style
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Diego Juarez
The singer's voice in this song is like awind of emotion that moves you with his passion and makes you feel alive like never before. Its overflowing energy and dedication fill you with joy and make you want to sing at the top of your lungs.
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Ana Júlia de Abreu
What an incredible talent this song has! Its ingenious composition and masterful execution are a sample of art in its maximum expression. It is like a gift for the soul that leaves you speechless.
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In love with this
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man, Mary On A Cross is just sensational! Eibell's magic beats and voice surround me in a way that I just can't stand still. The lyrics are deep and charged with emotion, conveying a feeling of connection with the artist, I love it too much.
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This track is a gem
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Max baby
Such a beautiful song.
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Every time I listen to this masterpiece, I feel like I'm flying. The lyrics, the melody, the feeling - all on point. Well done, my ears thank you!
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I'm obsessed with this melody.
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