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Oh, oh, I'm gonna use every heartbeat

Oh, oh, today not tomorrow

Oh, oh, I'm gonna disobey

Oh, oh, far from the shallows

Baby, I'm all about headlights

Blinded by, blinded by headlights

Running in, running in headlights

Light me up, light me up, headlights

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Headlights (feat. KIDDO) [Slowed Version]

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this remix of Headlights is really cool! I think Alok and Alan Walker did very well together and KIDDO's voice went perfectly with dance. I love listening to this song, just close your eyes and travel on the beat. It was too much!
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of the hour, total vibe positive with the beat and the lyrics that make sense. I've been listening all day and I still haven't been seasick! Alok, Alan Walker and KIDDO sent this a lot!
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man, this sound is wonderful too! The dance along with KIDDO's voice is simply sensational. There's no way you can't not feel well listening to this song, you know? It's like that sound that makes you want to dance all over the house. And even in this slowed version it got even better, you can enjoy it even more.
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Mateus Feliz
Top just to hear my sense of ecstasy fill my body
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show top mano ❤️👏😁😎
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, this slowed version of Headlights is so great! The dance is smooth and KIDDO's voice fits perfectly in the mood. I loved listening to this song slower, you can enjoy every detail! Alok and Alan Walker rocked once again! 👏👏
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