Tune in Together

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Ya no me llores

No me vayas a hacer

Llorar a mí


Dame tu mano

Inténtalo, mi niña

Quiero verte reír

Abrázame fuerte

Ven corriendo a mí

Te quiero, te quiero, te quiero

Y no hago otra cosa

Que pensar en ti

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Te quiero

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Nicole de Barros's avatar
Nicole de Barros
I was captivated by the originality of this melody. The warmth and emotionality of the voice reach straight to the soul, creating a deep connection with the music. Marceline has left an indelible mark on my heart!
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Olívia de Moraes's avatar
Olívia de Moraes
The lyrics in this song are so rebellious and challenging that it always make me feel like I'm fighting the system.
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Catalina Gallardo's avatar
Catalina Gallardo
This song always reminds me of the moments of melancholy and sadness I feel from the past.
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Inmaculada Tovar's avatar
Inmaculada Tovar
This song is so cool, it takes me back to my teenage years.
Mariana de Gois's avatar
Mariana de Gois
What a great memory, it takes me back in time
Montserrat Villa's avatar
Montserrat Villa
this song transports me back to my adolescence!
Margarita Parra's avatar
Margarita Parra
What a rolonón, mi compa This song is a hit.
Jessica Flores's avatar
Jessica Flores
I like the way it sounds, it reminds me of my adolescence.
Daniela Hidago's avatar
Daniela Hidago
What good memories this song brings back, I love its rhythm.
Bianca de Faria's avatar
Bianca de Faria
I remember my carnival time in my town, this song will bring back good memories.
Vitor Bruneli's avatar
Vitor Bruneli
With its direct and emotional lyrics, This song is a hymn to self-improvement and perseverance. It will leave you wanting more!
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Manuela Andrade's avatar
Manuela Andrade
this song takes me back to good times
Maria Luisa Sosa's avatar
Maria Luisa Sosa
What a great song, it transports me to my youthful days!
Melina de Farias's avatar
Melina de Farias
reminds me of happy times with friends
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