Tune in Together

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Um "oi, saudade" às 3 da tarde

Não é normal pra quem quer esquecer

Nem "oi, saudade" às 3 da madruga

Com voz de quem acabou de beber

É um tal de cê faz falta

Choro por sua causa

Te lembro e encho a cara

E se eu der moral cê vem dormir aqui em casa

Cê fica nesse fogo só no frio da madrugada

Se quem te largou, te ligar e lançar um "saudade"

No meio da sonzera do bar

Isso é coisa de quem quer voltar

Isso é coisa de quem quer voltar

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Isso É Coisa de Quem Quer Voltar

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man, Rionegro & Solimões and Maiara & Maraisa together is fire! This song is a wonderful mix of contemporary and classic sertanejo, with lyrics that speak straight to the heart. dance is contagious and makes me want to dance until dawn. There's no way not to fall in love with this song
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matheus_oliveira's avatar
Wow, this song is amazing! Rionegro & Solimões always rock, and the combination with Maiara & Maraisa was sensational. There's no way not to get excited and want to sing along. I loved the live version, it makes you want to go to a show of them even more. Success guaranteed!
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RafaelaPereira1998's avatar
ours, too much! Rionegro & Solimões and Maiara & Maraisa rock together. The energy of this live performance is contagious, I can't stand still! The lyrics are very good, it talks about that situation that everyone has lived by wanting to go back. And the mixture of traditional and modern was incredible
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I was listening to these veins there, when my dog started singing along. Crazy thing, just! 😂🎶
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I didn't like this song very much, I found it a bit dull and generic. It didn't arrest me one bit, I forgot right after listening
Mari.marina's avatar
of the hour too much! I'm completely addicted to this dance! The lyrics are so real, I feel totally connected with the words. Rionegro & Solimões, Maiara & Maraisa sent too much in this partnership!
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brings me good memories of happy moments with friends and family. The duet between the two duos is successful and the voices complement each other perfectly. I love the lyrics that talk about the longing for what has already happened and the desire to relive those memories
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