Tune in Together

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Ya anda bien el nene, ya trae la Cheyenne

Pacas llueven, llueven, pues la supe hacer

Challenger chanate y el motor se bate

Cuando piso a fondo, me gusta correr

Gente de respeto a un lado del viejo

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Anda Bien el Nene

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Eva María Avalos's avatar
Eva María Avalos
The lyrics in this song always make me feel that I should value the people around me and not take them for granted.
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Nerea Becerra's avatar
Nerea Becerra
This song always reminds me of the moments of peace and I have experienced in nature.
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Lavínia da Cunha's avatar
Lavínia da Cunha
This song is like a sigh of relief. The melody is calm and the lyrics are like a deep breath. The instrumentation is relaxing, it makes you find peace in the middle of the storm.
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Maria Laura de Jesus's avatar
Maria Laura de Jesus
It's great to remember good times with this little rolita.
Cecília Chaves's avatar
Cecília Chaves
makes me feel like I miss something from the past
Isabella Cerqueira's avatar
Isabella Cerqueira
What a nice rolita, it brings back so many memories of when I used to go out with my friends!
Heloísa Chagas's avatar
Heloísa Chagas
This song makes me feel that anything is possible, it's pure good vibes.
Luísa Cervantes's avatar
Luísa Cervantes
makes me want to close my eyes and let myself be carried away by the music.
Emanuelly da Gloria's avatar
Emanuelly da Gloria
It makes me dance to this music!
Maria Helena de Oliveira's avatar
Maria Helena de Oliveira
how nice this melody sounds to relax and disconnect!
Ana Belen Olivares's avatar
Ana Belen Olivares
Reminds me of the good times
Yasmin de Araújo's avatar
Yasmin de Araújo
reminds me of when we used to go out to play basketball in the neighborhood. 🏀🌆
Margarita Parra's avatar
Margarita Parra
fff that's too bad hahaha
Carlos Mart's avatar
Carlos Mart
Want to turn any boring moment into an epic party? Play this song and you will see how the atmosphere is filled with good vibes and joy. It's impossible to resist!
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