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Tá falando por aí que tá bem

Que já me esqueceu e que já tem um novo alguém

Seu erro é achar que tá mentindo bem

Sai, até beija, mas não me supera

Você nem combina com essa galera

Pode até tentar de tudo, mas na sua mente

Eu sou o assunto

Tô bloqueado, mas não esquecido

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Eu Sou o Assunto

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wonderful, the lyrics are very deep and speak of feelings that most of us have felt at some point in our lives. The rhythm is perfect for dancing and it's impossible to stand still listening to this song. When I listen, I feel like I'm in a good vibe, I feel happy and energized.
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Bro, this song is an anthem! I can't stop listening. The dance is immersive and the melody is in your head all day long. The vocalist commands super well and the lyrics are deep. It's definitely already become one of my favorites! But, I just missed a guitar solo, I was going to intensify the vibe even more.
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Bro, this song has a really crazy flow, I can't stop humming The lyrics are super sincere and I can relate to them a lot.
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I liked the lively rhythm and the involving dance of the song. The lyrics are also very interesting and creative. However, I missed more melodic variation throughout the song.
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the lyrics of the song talk about overcoming and perseverance, reminding me never to give up on my dreams. The voice is magnificent and the melody immersive. Choose an inspiring song
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I'm the Subject didn't excite me too much, I think something is missing that draws attention. Sounds like a generic song that won't stay in my head for long
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addictive! The lyrics and rhythm stick to the head and don't come out anymore. I love the mix of Nadson and Heitor's voices and the positive message of the song. Perfect to cheer up any day!
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my floor shakes when it plays I'm the Subject! The dance is contagious and you can't stand still! The lyrics are simple, but it's impossible not to identify yourself. addictive, it's just giving the play that I already start to roll!
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Man, I can't listen to this song without remembering the time I danced so much I lost my shoe! A mess!
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man, too crazy! The chorus is so gum that it keeps sticking to my head. The dance is heavy, I'm moving even my toes!
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Antony Duarte
So dad will amend it Friday the Monday!! What a trip Nadson! top music too!!
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