Tune in Together

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Falsa, ya no te quiero, vete a la chingada

Me voy de fiesta con mis camaradas

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Agatha da Gama's avatar
Agatha da Gama
This rolita is the vibe. The music wraps you in a unique vibe, and the lyrics are a genius, the instrumentation complements the hard message #rolón very well.
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Maria Helena de Oliveira's avatar
Maria Helena de Oliveira
This song always makes me feel like I'm floating on a cloud, I tell her!
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Susana Montoya's avatar
Susana Montoya
I can't help but feel transported to a world of truth and magic with this song, it's just surreal #False.
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Verónica Reyes's avatar
Verónica Reyes
makes me feel so melancholy
Lorena Guevara's avatar
Lorena Guevara
I love this theme, it brings back so many memories....
Nicole de Barros's avatar
Nicole de Barros
brings back good memories, its rhythm is catchy.
Maria Elena De leon's avatar
Maria Elena De leon
This song is awind of emotions!
Louise de Maia's avatar
Louise de Maia
It inspires me a lot of sadness. It reminds me of sad moments of my life
Maria soledad Leal's avatar
Maria soledad Leal
This song is like a gift to the ears
Nuria Palacios's avatar
Nuria Palacios
That song brings back good memories, I like it a lot.
Ana Lívia de Mello's avatar
Ana Lívia de Mello
takes me to that unforgettable night
Larissa de Paiva's avatar
Larissa de Paiva
I feel like I'm in the perfect mood for a night out with this song.
Mercedes Esquivel's avatar
Mercedes Esquivel
This is a beautiful song, it reminds me of sad but relevant moments in my life.
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