Tune in Together

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Billete grande lo que quiero, no me deja de gustar

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Sebastian Pacheco's avatar
Sebastian Pacheco
this song always makes me feel as if I were in a science fiction world, with music taking me to unknown and unknown worlds.
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Murilo Amorim
I love how it makes you feel that life is an adventure that deserves to be lived to the fullest.
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Maria Elena De leon's avatar
Maria Elena De leon
I do not understand the intention of this melody. It has no clear cohesion and leaves me confused.
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Elena Montes's avatar
Elena Montes
the voice is simply not pleasant to my ears. I find it and difficult to hear
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Maria Cecília de Jesus's avatar
Maria Cecília de Jesus
While the lyrics of this song are interesting, the music is pretty boring. I'm not attracted to it.
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Angel Mendoza
It is impossible not to move the body when it sounds. Long live good music!
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Nathan Borges
The lyrics of this song are like a whisper that accompanies you in the night.
Vinícius Bianco's avatar
Vinícius Bianco
I love how this song conveys hearts and hearts.
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Daniel Avelar
The collaboration is impressive. I will surely repeat it!
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Josep Nava
I can't stop singing la la la la la las in my head.
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