Tune in Together

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Plebada, ya me perdieron, me traen enculado

Cuando probé sus besitos quedé enamorado

Ese lindo cuerpo y su manera

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Marta Calderon's avatar
Marta Calderon
I'm surprised how well this band plays this song live; it looks like they are playing directly in my living room.
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Agatha da Gama's avatar
Agatha da Gama
The lyrics of this song are so funny and full of energy that they always put me in a good mood.
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Mariah de Camargo's avatar
Mariah de Camargo
This song is a true musical treasure. The melody is enchanting and the lyrics represent me so much. The instrumentation is exceptional, every arrangement is like a work of art #Fucking
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Isabella Cerqueira's avatar
Isabella Cerqueira
What a cool song, I love it
Jade de Figueiredo's avatar
Jade de Figueiredo
This song makes me feel like I'm at a beach party.
Dulce María Lujan's avatar
Dulce María Lujan
It makes me think of my childhood, it's so soft.
Alícia da Silva's avatar
Alícia da Silva
It makes me feel very nostalgic, remembering happy times. The lyrics are very deep
Teresa Rodriguez's avatar
Teresa Rodriguez
Brings back memories of crazy nights with friends, pure friendship.
Eduardo Barroso's avatar
Eduardo Barroso
It's such a relaxing melody that it always manages to calm my anxiety #Fucking.
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Mercedes Esquivel
this song reminds me of cool moments with friends. I love the way it sounds
Alba Garza's avatar
Alba Garza
It makes me want to sing at the top of my lungs no matter who listens.
Victoria Villarreal's avatar
Victoria Villarreal
reminds me of summer nights with friends
Isabelly de Almeida's avatar
Isabelly de Almeida
I can't help but sing at the top of my lungs with this song.
Ana Cecília de Medeiros's avatar
Ana Cecília de Medeiros
what a deep feeling, it reminds me of a happy moment.
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